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RXTX 2.1 Is the main development branch for RXTX. The namespace used is*. Unless you have any specific reasons, this is the recommended download. If you need to be compatible with javax.comm.* then download RXTX 2.0, but note that not much development effort is provided for this branch so you will be missing out on all the fixes that the main branch is getting.

It should also be noted that there was a change in the way things were distributed. 2.1 includes a binary package that contains the binaries for the various platforms and a source package. 2.0 on the other hand is not well maintained and hard to find all of the requirements.

Pre-Built Binaries

Release Binary Source
rxtx 2.1-7r2 (stable)
rxtx 2.0-7pre2 (stable) Linux/x86 Win32 (incomplete) source

RXTX 2.2 will replace RXTX 2.1 once it is stable.

Release Binary Source
rxtx 2.2pre2 (prerelease)

TODO: The 2.2pre2 bins contain the 2.2pre1 jar file and the 2.2pre2 native lib which causes a mismatch warning

Other releases can be found in the archive and you can also check the change history in the change log.

How to extract the files
unzip rxtx-[].zip or
rename to rxtx-[].jar and jar -xf rxtx-[].jar;

Eclipse Plugins

Eclipse Plugins of RXTX-2.1-7r2 are available for download or as an update site.

ToyBox Distributables

The ToyBox has about 35 platforms (and growing). If you have a toy (even an s390), we have the ToyBox. Find the OS, Libc, and CPU You are looking for. Please report any problems to the mail-list. Unix users can extract zip files with jar -xf It works fine and on all platforms we support. Distributables can be found in the ToyBox directory.

x64 Binaries

Should you wish to use RxTx on a x64 based computer, note that the downloads on this page will not work, for x64 compiled binaries go to: Mfizz RxTx page. Binaries have been tested successfully on Windows Server 2008 R2, although they are slightly outdated (december 2008), and known to crash when unplugging an USB serial adapter. Another option obtaining prebuilt binaries for x64 is one of the #Known RXTX forks below.

Other Builds

Several Linux distributions include RXTX in their package management system out-of-the-box, some even integrate their preinstalled RXTX with the JRE or Eclipse. Please check your distribution's package management system for "rxtx", or look at the legacy downloads page for more builds.

Known RXTX forks

  • NRJavaSerial: Forked 12-Oct-2010, fairly active, with several issues reported and worked on. Automated Maven builds on several Platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac: x86 32-bit and 64-bit, as well as Linux-ARM-Android). Includes couple improvements for deployment and ease-of-use; extracts jar-bundled binary DLL's to a tmp folder.
  • Create-Lab-Commons: Forked 3-Feb-2011 (see announcement, provides binaries for Windows, Linux and Mac (32-bit and 64-bit). Slight modifications in the code for loading the DLL's.

Source Repository

If you wish to get the latest code from CVS see Retrieving Source Code.

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