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Note: CVS is not intended for people looking for a stable copy of the rxtx package. If your interested in submitting changes via CVS please email

Feel free to examine the latest CVS copy of rxtx. CVS information is now included in the latest source tar archives. After extracting the files from the tar archive simply change into the rxtx directory and type 'cvs update' to get the latest changes. One may also get the latest changes without downloading the tar files...

  • PASSWORD is not required.

The following is an example session checking out via cvs.

Note: there are two branches of RXTX, which should not be confused. The first branch is for the javax.comm based library and the second is for the based library. The former does not include the javax.comm jar file, so you will need to ensure you have it to do development with it.

Follows are steps to follow for a typical checkout.

[user@myhost]$ export
[user@myhost]$ cvs login
(Logging in to
CVS password:

Password is not required.

If you want the '' (recommended) native library, and Java source (this corresponds to the 2.1/2.2 branch):

[user@myhost]$ temp]$ cvs checkout -r commapi-0-0-1 rxtx-devel

or if you want the 'javax.comm' native library (this corresponds to the 2.0 branch):

[user@myhost]$ temp]$ cvs checkout rxtx-devel

At this point the source code will be retrieved and placed in the local directory 'rxtx-devel'.

If you want at a later date you wish to update the source code, using the same branch, then from the directory containing the rxtx-devel folder, follow the instructions as for the checkout, but instead of the checkout command use:

cvs update rxtx-devel
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