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This page is for general content regarding the use of rxtx. Feel free to add your own content.

I wrote an app several months ago using javax.comm on windows. Sun has left me high and dry. rxtx help!

  • download [1]
  • unzip it
  • copy rxtxSerial.dll into your c:\program files\java\jre-version\bin dir
  • copy RXTXcomm.jar into your c:\program files\java\jre-version\lib\ext dir
  • change all references from 'javax.comm' to ''
  • recompile
  • test
 Dido Sun left me Hi and dry. After 30+ hours wasting my life on
javax.comm it is the RXTXcomm 2.1.7 that really worked the first 
 REMEMBER !! for the newbies
  Change the all occurences of the import javax.comm.*; in
  TO import*;
 I did not even have to recompile as suggested the rxtxSerial.dll
 a job well done for the team.
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