Documented interface to communicate with serial ports for beginners, including example project

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download the zip file

Short Description

This is an interface, which is supposed to simplify communication with one or several serial ports (e.g. communication with arduinos [1]) for beginners. The interface consists of one class and one Java interface file, extensive documentation is included and can also be generated from the source code using Javadoc [2].

An very simple example project (look at the code or simply run it, it's pretty self explanatory) is provided to show the use of the interface.

An ant-buildfile [3] is part of the project, simplifying compilation and also the running of the example project without the need to install libraries in the system (on Linux). Adapt it as you want for your own projects!


Please read the readme.txt in the zip-file for help on how to compile and run the example using ant. For help on the use of the methods implemented or the members of the class, read the included documentation (or the source code).


For simplicity, i packed everything (including the at the time of writing most recent stable version of RXTX) into the zip-file. Extract, go to the folder where it has been extracted on command line, type 'ant' and then 'ant run' to compile and run the example program on a Linux-box (note: you need to have ant [4] installed. For a different OS, consult the webpage on how to install the RXTX-library. Read the readme.txt for further explanations.

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