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I want to report that I have finally succeeded in installing commapi in windows_xp after a long sweating period of trials. In the process I found so many reasons why enthusiasts don't find it easy to install Java commapi. I will give the details shortly. It is a proven procedure that ensures you never fail to have success at the first time you try to install any java commapi.Just excuse me now I will get back in less than 48hours time.Now let's continue the discussion... In order to install the commapi comfortably, one needs to carry out four specific tasks on the computer system. these four tasks are as follows

1. proper installation of the java jdk and jre software.
2. setting the path and the java run-time environment.

3. configuring the integrated development environment (ide).
4. proper installation of the commapi files.

The Installation Of The java jdk and jre
the proper way to install java is to install the jdk first before the jre is installed. When this is done, the jre will always have been installed inside the jdk. The effect of installing jdk first  is  that the jdk1.6.0_26 or any other version will always be the home directory of the java run-time and as such there will be no confusion as to which is which. Another good way is to have sun [java website] to install a fresh java in the system. Please be careful here; a fresh installation of java is not the as getting an update!!!.

setting the the path and class-path

Go to the the environment section of your system from the control panel and set java in the path variable.The CLASS-PATH must also be defined and set in the system variable section of the environment Please you should better consult a friend to help you or you read around the internet for ideas on setting path and class-path. In the paths and the class-path make sure you have only one version of java.

configure the ide

If you are you using any ide such as crimson editor or netbeans, make sure you consult the "help" or the documentation to find out how to set the java command and the javac commands. For netbeans type of ide just ensure that that the version of java in the path and the class-path is either default or current in the compiler setting section. Please you may need to consult documentation in order to understand this. The next thing to do as for crimson editor is to set the argument variable; such as file-name and file-title. Having come this far you need to test your java installation, the path and the class-path and ide configuration. To carry out these tests,write a simple java helloworld program in notepad and in your ide. Compile and run the code in the ide. If you have a good result then celebrate. the next test is to go to the directory where you saved the helloworld from the command prompt and compile and run the helloworld: good result? --- rejoice!!! Now at the command prompt, type set classpath this will show you the classpath that you set in the environment. In any other directory you will get the same result if your path is set with ;./; at the end of the variable in the environment.

Please friends I will continue this discussion later. Perhaps you should sort out your java installation now and tell what your results are on this page. My name is Majesty and I cannot give you my e-mail until I am sure it not illegal to do so; that is subject to conditions of RXTX

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